Xmas Catering
Season of Indulgence with Christmas Savory!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Your Food Halal?

Yes, our food sources and appointed kitchen are Halal-certified by MUIS.


How Do I Place Order Online?

1. Select Your Menu.

2. Complete the online form beside the selected menu.

3. Our catering consultant will contact you to confirm the order.


How Soon Will I Get A Reply When I Submit My Order?

Our usual response time is within 1 working day (during office hours) upon receiving your order.


How Many Days in Advance Do I Need To Order?

All orders must be confirmed 5 working days prior to event date. Urgent order placed within 5 days from the event date will be subject to kitchen and schedule availability.


What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We accept cash or company cheque upon delivery. Payment details will be provided together with the confirmation of order.


Is There A Delivery Charge?

Yes, delivery charge is applicable for all orders. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.


Is Setting Up Of Table Included For Buffet Order?

Yes, all catered buffet includes delivery, set-up and collection. Buffet set-up includes tables. food warmers, disposable cutleries, crockeries and serviettes.

For party pack orders, food will be delivered in disposable trays and microwavable containers. Dispoable cutleries, crockeries and serviettes will still be provided in the party pack.


When Will The Set-up Be Collected?

The set-up is generally collected 3 hours after the set-up. Please refer to terms and conditions for more details.


Visit Our Terms and Conditions for More Details.