Xmas Catering
Season of Indulgence with Christmas Savory!

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Season of Indulgence With Traditional Turkeys, Yule Log Cakes & Christmas Pudding!

Christmas is the time of the year to share great food and bonding with family, friends and co-workers.

Treat your guests to a delightful and amazing Christmas catering this season.

Explore our variety of Christmas Buffet Catering Menu, great for office party as well as personal functions.


Selection of Christmas menus:

Christmas Party Set $330/Set (Good for 10 Guests) 

Planning for a small party gathering to celebrate this festive? Treat your guests to our Christmas party set, Indulge in sumptuous spread of Ham and Smoke Duck Platter and wholesome Mesclun Salad, Penne Algio Olio, Sauteed Butter Prawn, Gilled Fish Fillet, Oven-Baked Chicken and Rataouille Au Gratin. Plus, irresistible Chocolate Truffle Log Cake!
Food deliver in disposable trays and containers.

Jingle Bell X'mas Buffet $17.50/Pax

Enjoy healthy indulgence with Chicken Ham and Smoke Duck Platter, Bread-Crust Shrimp Ball and Mesclun Salad. Accompanied with Penne Aglio Olio, Sauteed Butter Prawn, Gilled Fish Fillet, perfectly Roast boneless Chicken and hearty Rataouille Au Gratin. Plus, Mango Jelly dessert and French Pastries.

Magical X'mas Buffet $27.00/Pax

Indulge in sumptuous spread of Black Pepper Beef and Honey Prawn Dumpling, Ham and Smoke Duck Platter and hearty Mesclun Salad. Accompanied with Buttered Raisin Rice, Succulent Butter Prawn, Gilled Fish Fillet, perfectly Roast boneless Chicken. Plus the enticing Rataouille Au Gratin.

Melt the hearts of your guests with English Creme Brulee with Fruits Topping!


Selection of Western Buffet Menus: 

Western Buffet A/Pax

Savour cream of mushroom soup. Accompanied with savoury aglio olio spaghetti, lemon butter fish fillet, honey glazed chicken, mashed potato and suteed broccoli.

Plus, chocolate glazed eclair and mixed fruit cocktail.

Western Buffet B/Pax

A wholesome and nutritious meal starter with mesclun salad and cream of mushroom soup. Accompanied with delicious spread of savoury bolognese spaghetti, crispy breaded prawn, zesty lemon butter fish, juicy roast chicken, buttered cauliflower and herb-roast baby potato.

Western Buffet C/Pax

Savour wholesome spread filled with waldorf fruit salad. Accompanied with raisin buttered rice, cheese baked prawn, bbq seabass, honey glazed chicken and roasted vegetables. 

Plus, snowy cream puff, chocolate eclair and honey seacoconut with longan.

Western Buffet D/Pax

    Finger food starter calamari ring and paprika potato wedge. Accompanied with Italian rice pilaf, cheese baked prawn, lemon butter fish fillet, crispy chicken cutlet and buttered broccoli.

    Plus, mixed fruit tartlet and honey seacoconut with longan.


    Other Cuisine Buffet Menus:

    International Buffet $21.80/Pax

    Indulge in sumptuous spread of cold meat platter and wholesome asparagus soup. Accompanied with golden pumpkin rice, crispy cereal prawn, salmon teriyaki, fragrant pandan leaf chicken, fluffy capsicum omelete and sambal long bean.

    Plus, snowy cream puff and panna cotta!

    Asian Buffet/Pax

    Savour Asian delicacies and local signatures, yong chow fried rice, sweet & spicy sambal prawn, ginger & scallion fish fillet, flavourful curry chicken, Thai fish cake and baby kailan with mushroom.

    Plus, traditional nyonya keuh and almond jelly with longan!