Xmas Catering
Season of Indulgence with Christmas Savory!

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Elegant Canapes for A light Meal and Teatime!

Premium selections of bite-sized finger food and canapes. Light and easy refreshment for a relax networking party.


Regular menu is not available from 10th to 25th Dec.

Please refer to the Christmas Menu:

Jingle Bell X'mas

Magical X'mas Buffet

Christmas Party Set


Capapes Catering
Price: $39.90 (Min. 30 Pax)


~ Canapes ~

Pan-Seared Scallop
with Supreme Sauce & Fish Roe

Spicy Smoke Duck &
Lychee Salsa in Cone

Compressed Watermelon
with Crabmeat

Char Grilled Beef Fillet
on Spoon

Grilled Vine Cherry Tomato
Drizzle with Sweet Aged Balsamic Reduction

Citrus with Cheese
on Glass


~ Sweet Indulgence ~

Fluffy Chocolate Mousse
in Cup

Chocolate Hazlnut Praline

Creme Brulee
in Glass

Raspberry Panna Cotta
in Shooter

Italian Gourmet
Lemon Meringue Tart


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Christmas Catering Menus:

Jingle Bell X'mas Buffet

Magical X'mas Buffet

Christmas Party Set 


Important Notes:

  1. Food prepared by Halal certified caterer. 
  2. Buffet menu comes with table setup, chafing dish warmers and full sets of disposable cutleries. 
  3. Price subject to transportation fee and 7% gst. 
  4. More details available on Terms and Conditions 


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